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Your role and responsibilities as an Citizen of our Country – Bharat

Whenever you come across a disappointing news happening in our country, try adopting the following approach.
Study the problem
Understand the problem
Analyze and break down the problem into macro and micro issues and components
Identify one or more areas where you can make a contribution  to address the problem
Understand your strengths and weaknesses, both mental, physical and monetary
Initiate efforts to solve the problem within the constraints of your resources
As you progress, try to amplify your strengths and supplement you weaknesses to make an improvement in your contribution
A problem can never be solved totally by an individual effort.
A solution to a problem could evolve over a period of time, even spanning beyond your life-time. Hence, never get disappointed and disillusioned if you do not see an improvement. Just keep persevering with your efforts.
Remember to read our past history and you will come across, much tougher challenges faced by our ancestors. You also get to read about how they have gone about approaching them. Maybe, you might have a suggestion, on the approach to the problem, you are attempting to solve.
If you are unable to solve the problem in spite of your best efforts,at least  pray and wish for the mental strength to the Unknown Soldier“, who might be attempting elsewhere, to solve the problem.
The strength of a Chain lies in the strength of its weakest link

Keep introspecting, to ensure that you are not the weak link in the chain, which results in bringing down the effectiveness of a positive contribution from others.

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