Our responsibilities to our Nation

Every citizen should consider it his responsibility to preserve the integrity, culture and tradition of their motherland. We have to strive to any extent to fulfill that responsibility. We cannot let disappointments,setbacks, and defeats obscure our vision and mission. There should never be a letup in the intensity of our effort. We cannot give up on our efforts or turn a blind eye to the on-goings.

History has shown that not every effort of us, leads to a successful outcome. Outcomes depends on multitude of factors including clarity of our vision, our continued conviction in them, implementation in our daily life, intensity of pursuit and a host of other factors. There is never a perfect linearity between efforts and outcome.

There is a famous saying in English: ‘The strength of a chain, lies in the strength of its, weakest link’. If any one link, in a chain,  is weak, the full potential strength of the chain cannot be realized.

Hence, instead of trying to look outwards for reasons for non-achievement of objectives, one should look within and introspect and try to strengthen the weak links within ourselves and overcome them to the extent possible.

Keeping that in mind, let us rededicate ourselves to the service of our nation and that alone can be the best tribute to our ancestors, who have held on to our heritage through tough times and managed to pass it  on to our generation. We have to strive to pass it on to the posterity, at least intact, if we are unable to enrich it.

Jai Hind


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